The Walking Dead: No Time Left review

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The tension grows, the emotions are high and the temperature becomes hotter and hotter. What do we talking about? Of course about the season finale of The Walking Dead game. Since the middle of spring this horror adventure has been electrified the gamers all over the world, and finally we will get to know what is in the end or, more exactly, we will be able to finish this story by ourselves.


We are sure you have heard about The Walking Dead, but nevertheless we are going to brush up some details. This game is about zombie apocalypses and people, who are trying to survive among the walking, but dead zombies. The protagonist of the game is Lee - the criminal, who gets the second chance to prove his innocence and help someone in this hell. He is travelling with a little girl - charming Clementine - and also meets lot of people in trouble. The main task of the game is not in solving the difficult puzzles, but in making the choices you don't want to make. You are choosing the statements of your character and his actions, and all your decisions affect on the gaming story. After each important moment of The Walking Dead you are getting the statistics and so you can get to know, what decisions the other gamers have made.


The game was divided into five parts, and they all were released during the 2012. But the final episode was the most expected, because this time the tension was really maximal. We won't tell you the scenario of the last part, because the story is the most exciting detail of this game, but we need to reveal some details of the previous episode. As you remember, the fourth part ends tragically. Lee was bitten by the walking and Clementine was kidnapped by someone strange. So in the fifth episode that was named No Time Left you will really have no time for hesitations, because you need to save Clementine before your character will die. The last hours of Lee's life will be extremely tough, so prepare for the burst of emotions and be ready to be hardhearted.


You have already made a lot of decisions, but in this episode you will have to make choices very often. And these choices will be really emotional and hard. You must think very fast, because No Time Left, as the title goes, but be sure, that you won't regret for your decision. Moreover the decisions from other four episodes may influent on this game, so you will regret and also you will have a chance to start the game from the beginning and try to make everything in a different way. This is one of the best advantages of The Walking Dead: you can play this game for lot of times, and each time the game will be different, but still exciting, impressive and emotional.


The Walking Dead: No Time Left is a "palpable" game, and every detail of it is important. First we need say some words about very special graphics of this series. Our heroes are like the characters of comics, and while playing the game you always feel yourself as a part of a comic book. Well, this is quite predictable, because The Walking Dead is based on the comic strip. Also the music in this episode is really fantastic and it fits this story perfectly. When the tension in the game grows, the music becomes more dramatic, and so you will not only notice, but even feel every event of the gaming scenario. This experience is amazing.


In conclusion

The long and exciting story about zombies and people, who want to survive, has got the perfect finale. It seems that the whole game was only a prelude to the fifth episode, that exceeded all expectations. We are sure that you won't forget it even after years and dozens of horror and adventure games. The developers are also enjoying the success of their masterpiece and planning the new continuation of this incredible story. We don't know the details about The Walking Dead 2 yet, but follow our publications and Facebook page to be the first to know!

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