Star Wars Battlefront: New Stuff in Bespin

Star Wars Battlefront: New Stuff in Bespin by  2945 views

It’s been almost a week after a huge Bespin DLC came out, and as gamers were investigating the world they’ve faced some bugs. They’ve reported to Dave Brown’s twitter account (he is the DICE lead designer) and now we’re gonna look over all those bugs. So if you’ve experienced some weird stuff while playing this part of the article will be very useful for you.


The Dengar Bug - Sounds like a name of a sickness. This is a weird one when Dengar uses its hurricane strike heroes die no matter what health level they have. Dave told that they’re working on it and trying to figure out what to do. But unfortunately, the developers’ life cycle is not easy at all, because if you fix one bug you get new ones. Like five of them, or more. Just let DICE know if you find a bug, that might help and that’s the only thing you can do.


Among other issues that were successfully fixed:

- the mortality issue: now people don’t spawn into means of transport

- when you select the player profile you don’t lose the connection

Now about some incoming improvements: the x8 night sniper will get an update because the gun is too weak right now and players won’t even use it until it gets an upgrade.



Boba Fett - the reaction after aiming became quicker than it was, and the flamethrower’s active time was extended from 2.5 to 4.5 secs. Jetpack also got a modification: its rechargement time was brought to 1.6 from 2 secs. Concerning the wrist launcher: the lock on distance was increased up to 25 m, and its blast radius has been enlarged from 3 to 4 m. This hero may be the dominating one as now he can jump on the top of the buildings and combine his abilities into a powerful performance.


Emperor Palpatine - the sustainability of a lightning was increased from 4 to 7 secs, the recharge lessened from 4 to 2 secs, and the damage was enhanced from 20 to 22. That’s not bad because Palpatine always seemed weak to me. But apparently, the force is strong with him :) You definitely should try him out.



The DLT 19 - damage was magnified from 15 to 17

T-7 Ion Distruptor - the explosion radius has been increased: the inner explosion became 2.5 instead of 1 m, and the outer radius was enlarged from 2.52 to 10 m.

The charge card - now you can deactivate it just by holding y or a triangle on the console.

Scan pulse - the scanning results will renew each two seconds, and if someone is pulsed they will be visible for only half a second. That’s totally a nerf, but I suppose it’s good one. Players get too much advantage and there’s less challenge in the game, so I guess it will be better this way.


Pulse cannon - for all the folks who enjoy sniping there’s an update. From now on your opponents will see if you’re targeting them. The laser indicator will show up so they could escape your sneaky sniping attack.

Explosive shot - after the charge activation you get the double heating in the blaster. Although the cool down period was increased developers managed to balance it by increasing the active time. The normal explosive shot active time is now 7 instead of 5 secs, and for upgraded explosive shot card it’s 10 instead of 7 secs.

Blaster cannon - the timer of self-destruction will be activated in 45 secs after the first use. Later the 15 sec countdown timer will be switched on.


Probably the biggest and the most important part of this update is the partner system. If you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with your partner you both get perks: the star cards you own will get the lessen cooldowns. There are some indicators that will help you understand the situation: if you’re too far away and you need to get closer you’ll see an exclamation mark above you. The check mark means you’re close enough, and the cross mark signifies that your partner died. The game will also try to find a new partner for you if you don’t have one.

Also, there’s a bunch of notifications that support the partner system. Seem like the teamwork is popular right now in Battlefront, huh?


The general impression of this update is quite positive. A lot of things were improved, and if something was nerfed - that was a wise decision because the game must not be too easy. We’re waiting for your impressions, share all of your thoughts in the comments!