Fresh Star Wars: Battlefront - Bespin DLC details

Fresh Star Wars: Battlefront - Bespin DLC details by  4273 views

Let’s find out what’s actually going on with the Bespin DLC coming this June. Apart from the upcoming addon - as developers affirmed a few weeks ago - players will get the new Star Cards and new weapons as a free DLC.


The DICE Lead Designer - Dennis Brannvall - claims that the Bespin levels are shaping up nicely. One of the things that we know is that the event unfolds in the Cloud City, and that might be a clue for you to build your expectations.


Dengar? Who is that guy? He is a villain in this DLC, who was chosen in the end of March (along with Lando Calrissian, if you remember). As we know nobody actually knows much about Dengar, so that’s why we propose you a fresh video - Star Wars: Battlefront - 5 Facts About Dengar.

We’ve made a small investigation through Brannvall’s Twitter account and made a small sum up over all his answers during the Q&A:

  • The playlist does not work. Let people select their own modes like any other game ever.
  • You'll be able to play your own map combination in a private match.
  • What weapon will Lando have?
  • We will tell you real soon :)
  • Is it possible that we could be seeing the AT-AT cockpit view being added to Battlefront?
  • That's not currently in the plans. We tried but cockpit view for Walkers felt weird as it moves with their footsteps.
  • Will we get to play as Ugnaughts on Bespin, Wampas on Hoth etc.. with the release of the Bespin DLC?
  • I would love to see it, but not planned for this upcoming release.
  • Any chance we'll get to see some new imperial skins anytime soon?
  • Yes.
  • Any chance Palpatine will get HIS lightsaber, or can you guys add it while force dash?
  • There are no plans for that currently I'm afraid.


Also, there were a lot of FPS-questions, and almost every one of them got a “working on it” answer. Seems like DICE is doing a great job, huh? Tell us in the comments what are you expecting from the Bespin DLC.