Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

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There is a problem with brilliant games: one day they all finish. Gamers feel themselves a little bit lonely and are ready for everything to continue the beautiful gaming process. That's why the developers are fond of different add-ons, that can stretch out any popular series and return good interest. Everyone understands, that DLC is only a small additional mission with several changes, but nevertheless we all run to the shop when it arrives. BioWare - the developer of Mass Effect series - also knows about this method and recently decided to warm up the interest to the adventures of Commander Shepard, using interesting and well-done add-on. So let's see what it's like.


Mass Effect 3: Leviathan seems to be the deleted scene of the final game. This spin-off might be a beautiful part of Mass Effect 3, giving the new hope to the humanity from this game and additional time of impressive gaming process to us. But so far as Leviathan is only an add-on, the main part of the intrigue is lost. We all know what will be in the end, and we all understand that neither Leviathan, nor any other creature can change the final. However if we forget about the main game, we will get a lot of fantastic impressions from the gaming process and for 3-4 hours we will again dip into fascinating Mass Effect universe. Definitely, it is worth $10.


So, what story have the developers prepared for us? The key character of the add-on is Leviathan - mysterious and legendary creature that can destroy all Reapers by itself. Leviathan is very old and strange being, but almost nobody from the Earth has seen it before. However Reapers are well-informed about Leviathan, and that's why they are hiding this creature far from their enemies and defend as strong as possible. Dr. Bryson had some information about how to find this mysterious "weapon", but he was killed in his futuristic lab, and now Shepard has no hints and need to find out where Leviathan is by himself.


Because of this wondering turn of plot, Mass Effect 3: Leviathan is not only an action game, it is also the adventure. You will need to chase about the Citadel looking for any hint or allusion of where the Leviathan is. It won't be difficult, but you will need to strain your brain, putting that and that together. As a reward in the end you will learn a lot of interesting information about the whole Mass Effect universe and particularly about the Reapers. We'd like to half-open the veil of mystery and tell you that Leviathan is the representative of very ancient race, that was created before the Reapers were. Leviathan knows a lot of secrets of the universe, and also it knows very exciting details about the origin of Reapers race. Would you like to get to know them too? Then you must not miss this add-on.


Mass Effect 3: Leviathan has not only the original new plot, but also new locations and weapon. Only in this add-on our hero will drop to the ocean bottom. We must say that designers' work in this DLC is brilliant, and water locations look detailed, bright and impressive. And of course the traditional dark and mysterious atmosphere of Mass Effect series remains here. Except the water, you will go to three different completely new places in the universe and spend some time in Citadel, where the developers also prepared new locations for us. Well, there will be something you need to see.


The combat system in Mass Effect 3: Leviathan remains almost the same as in the main game, but here the developers rejoice us with two new weapons. At the end of the add-on you will also get the Leviathan as the war asset, but, as we all remember, it wouldn't help us in the main game.


In conclusion, we'd like to describe the Mass Effect 3: Leviathan in couple of words, but Mike Gamble - the representative of BioWare - has already made it: "We put Shepard in a place where he has never been before - deep-deep under water, because DLC for us is a place where we can do any new fantastic things.". And really there are a lot of innovations in Mass Effect 3: Leviathan, that reveal new side of our favorite series. So if you are fond of Mass Effect universe, you will definitely find this add-on interesting.

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