FIFA 14 vs. PES 2014 comparison: which game is better this year?

FIFA 14 vs. PES 2014 comparison: which game is better this year? by  12768 views

When there is only one best product on the market, we have no choice, and even if it is not so good as we would like to get, we will continue buying it. But the eternal competition between the two brands is always advantageous for consumers. FIFA vs. PES opposition lasts during long years, and partly this fact helps making two football simulators better.

A few last years FIFA was beyond comparison, and even the most faithful fans of PES were agreeing that two last instalments of this football simulator were below the average. But this year Konami has decided to change its position on the market and presented the brand-new PES with innovative graphical engine and lots of interesting features, while EA has added new leagues, functions and tried to create the most realistic football game in its history. Which company was the most successful this year? Let's try to find out the answer in our FIFA 14 vs. PES 2014 comparison.


In 2014 EA and Konami both were trying to add more realism to their football simulators. In FIFA 14 we can see the Pure Shot function and Real Ball Physics that together will let your in-game footballers make the same kicks as the real players do. PES 2014 provides TruBall feature that also erases the borders between football and its simulation. But still PES looks a little bit more realistic and hard than FIFA, as it always was, while its competitor is more entertaining and fits for even those players, who don't know the whole details of real football.



PES 2014 has got the brand-new graphical engine - FOX Engine - that is also used in the latest Metal Gear Solid instalment, and you will see the great leap in the quality of graphics from the first minutes of the game. The faces of the footballers look very realistic and their animation has been greatly upgraded, the small details - clothes, boots, grass - designed perfectly, and even the football fans displayed in the background are very cool.


And what about FIFA 14? The graphics was updated, but in general the game looks like the last year's instalment. It is not bad, because the previous FIFA was better than PES 2013, but now we see the wax faces of some footballers much clearer than last year.


In this video you can see the difference between FIFA 14 footballers and the players from PES 2014. In our opinion, Konami wins this battle, but of course, tastes differ:


Licenses are the winning criterion of FIFA 14, as it always was. This year because of severe EA licensing politics PES 2014 has lost several European teams and stadiums, but still its main advantage is UEFA. FIFA 14 has more than 30 leagues, 600 clubs and about 16,000 footballers. Comments are superfluous.


In PES 2014 we will be able to play Master League and Master League Online modes, and they both allow you to create your own team and make it a champion. These modes are designed rather well, and it will be really entertaining to play them, but Ultimate Team from FIFA 14 is better this year. The new chemistry system that was announced in this instalment of FIFA series allows you to make unique team, and lots of different matches will give you an opportunity to try the team in action.

Moreover, there are many other different modes in FIFA 14, and so anyone will be able to choose something interesting for him, while in PES 2014 the modes are not so exciting as we want to see them. And the same situation is with the online modes.

In conclusion

In our FIFA 14 vs. PES 2014 comparison both games have got the same scores: 2:2, and so only you can decide, which criteria are more important - the gameplay and graphics or the modes and licenses. In our opinion, both games can be rewarded with the highest marks this year, and both are really cool. We would advise PES 2014 to the gamers, who are looking for the most realistic and challenging football simulator, while FIFA 14 has many interesting features and opportunities.