Dead Rising 3 review: Apocalypse is coming to PC

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Zombies are not actually unique characters. We have already watched numerous movies about the walking corpses and killed tons of them in games. But the recent port of Capcom's survival horror shows another side of the zombie apocalypse, which we want to discuss in our Dead Rising 3 review.

Dead Rising 3 review

Dead Rising 3 game was released in 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive and got mostly positive reviews. However, last year, critics stressed that this project is not worth buying the new Microsoft's console. Today we have Dead Rising 3 for PC and now completely agree with all those reviewers. Especially taking into consideration the fact that the PC port is even better than the original version.

We would like to start our Dead Rising 3 review with a few words about the series itself. All three games differ from numerous other projects, which show us the zombies and the apocalypse. You shouldn't anticipate the drama, the sorrow and the actual horror here. Dead Rising series has never been famous because of amazing heroes with deep characters and emotional monologues. These games are created for fun, and we advise you not to take them too serious. Dead Rising 3 game is also amusing and captivating, but don't try to find any grain of sense here.

Dead Rising 3 review

The game takes us to Los Perdidos - an imaginary city in California, where a massive epidemic started three days ago. The city is full of zombies, which desperately want to attack the last survivors, and the government is not going to rescue anybody. In a few days, Los Perdidos will be destroyed, and you should leave it as soon as possible. By the way, you are playing a role of Nick - a mechanic, who can create almost any vehicle. And this skill will be very helpful in Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 3 review

Before leaving the city, you need to complete lots of tasks and side quests and explore all the beauties of Los Perdidos. This time the game's world is open. It is not actually large but very detailed and various. You will be able to visit different small and medium-sized locations and find unique items there. These items can be used to survive in the dangerous Dead Rising 3 world. Thus, you can find food or water, the parts of weapon and clothes, so watch your step. Moreover, some strange objects still can be very useful, because Nick can craft weapons almost from everything.

Dead Rising 3 review

This is the most exciting part of the game, which we want to describe in our Dead Rising 3 review. Crafting is the funniest thing you can do in Los Perdidos. Just in a few clicks, the completely unsuitable items turn into powerful and simply amazing weapon. Moreover, this time you don't need a special place for crafting, because homemade guns can be built anywhere. And as we have already mentioned above, Nick is good at making cars, so the second thing you can craft is a vehicle. Different futuristic and absurd automobiles and bikes will help you not only travel around the game's open world but also kill the hordes of zombies. And to make the game process even more insane, the developers have left lots of fun clothes everywhere, so you can suit up before meeting the apocalypse.

Dead Rising 3 review

And of course, we should mention zombies. These awful creatures are everywhere in Los Perdidos. There are dozens of walking corpses around every corner, hundreds of them in the buildings and thousands on the streets. But they are not very smart and fast, so you will be able to enjoy killing the hordes of them. To destroy your enemies, you can use the homemade weapons and crafted vehicles, and you obviously should find your unique way of how to kill zombies. Also, we recommend that you play with friends in the cooperative mode, because this slightly mad game is really cool for more than one.

Besides zombies, you will meet some bosses. They are not very dangerous too, and absolutely unforgettable. To kill the boss, you can use the previously crafted weapons, but we advise you to look for the guns or the parts of some weapon near the location with the boss, because it will be easier to kill him in the way the developers have planned. Also, you will be able to play as other survivors thanks to the DLCs, which are included into the PC version of Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 3 review

At the beginning of our Dead Rising 3 review, we have stated that the PC version of the project is even better than the one for the console. Why? There are several advantages. First of all, it is graphics. The game's resolution is rather high - 1920x1080, - and the eerie locations of Los Perdidos look nice and detailed. By default, the game runs at 30fps, but there is a hack, which can increase this parameter to 60fps. You need to go to Steam\Steam Apps\Common\deadrising3 folder and create user.ini file here. In the file, write gmpcr_unlock_frame_rate = True, save and close it. That's it, now the game runs at 60fps, but not always smoothly. So use this hack at your own risk.

It is also worth mentioning that Dead Rising 3 game doesn't require a supercomputer. Though, it works good, and the locations are being loaded fast. Even during the battles with numerous zombies, you won't experience annoying lags. However, don't wait something absolutely great here, because we can't say that Dead Rising 3 has an actual next-gen graphics.

In the conclusion

Dead Rising 3 is a very simple game without a farfetched plot and long emotional cutscenes. All you need to do here is hack, shoot, crush and destroy the hordes of zombies, using something which is not appropriate for this task. And this mission is really amusing.

The score of our Dead Rising 3 review is 8.