Call of Duty: Black Ops II Tips

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Call of Duty is the game with a long history, but every new version of it has a lot of changes and new features. That's why even the most experienced gamers, who have been playing CoD for years, feel themselves a little bit uncomfortable with the Black Ops II - the latest version of this famous shooter. If you want to be the best in Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer mode, you need several basic and tricky advices, that we are going to show you.



The main innovation of CoD: Black Ops II is about the classes. Now you are able to upgrade any perk, characteristic, weapon or equipment of your hero and so create almost unique and invincible class. This feature is available from the 4-th level, but before you need to choose one of the predefined classes. There are five default classes in the game. First one, that called Operative, is the best for the beginners. Using this one, you will be agile and fast, accurate and successful. The second class - Specialist - is for real masochists, and we don't advise you using it, especially, if you are new to the game. The third class - Mercenary - causes a lot of damage and that's why efficient almost on every map. The same can be told about Heavy Gunner. And the last one - Scout Recon - is the class of snipers, so you may use it when you need to control the point.



The variety of maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer mode is really amazing, and almost every map differs from the other ones. But we'd like to advise you several universal maps, that will be good for any player of any class. The best maps are Cargo, Carrier, Plaza and Standoff. But be careful, because here there are a lot of open spaces and places for the stealth game, so you never know, where your enemy is. If you are fond of stealth game, you can also check Drone map, and if you want to practice your sniper skills, go to Meltdown.



Weapon is the heart of Call of Duty series, and in Black Ops 2 you will have a chance to practice with dozens of guns. Instead of many words we'd like to show you a short overview from CODBlackOps2guru:

And of course we need to remind you, that the weapon you use depends on the map you are on. Open maps are for sniper rifles and narrow passages on the map are for fast handguns. The second easy, but very important thing is a clip. Be sure that you reload your gun after every battle, because you need to act fast and you have no time for recharge during the skirmish. Another important thing is to aim before shoot and not to spray all the bullets in general direction.


Several useful tips for the beginners

The main advice is simple: to be the best warrior, you need to practice a lot. And also:

1. Don't forget about your secondary weapon. Especially when the distance between you and your opponent has changed.

2. It is really important to be an accurate gunner, so don't forget about the gun sight and boost the Grip.

3. Use mini-map and watch for the skulls on the screen to know everything that is happening in the game.

4. Listen carefully, because sometimes you can hear the steps of the enemy earlier, then you are able to see them. And so try to be as quiet, as possible.

5. Black Ops 2 is a fast game, but here you need to be very careful and even artful. It is better to hide and wait for the enemy, then to be killed in a few seconds.

6. Don't forget about different attachments and especially about grenades. This things cause lot of damage that is useful in buildings.


We hope that these tips will be useful for you and so you will become a brilliant Call of Duty soldier. And if you want to get more news, reviews and advices about games, subscribe to our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.