You will get an exclusive mode and a weapon when pre-order Dying Light on PC

You will get an exclusive mode and a weapon when pre-order Dying Light on PC by  3250 views

Do you like the games in the survival horror genre, where you have to kill a horde of horrible and ruthless zombies? Then you are at a right place, because now we are going to tell you about one of such games, or to be more exact, about the very attractive bonuses for those who pre-order Dying Light on PC.

Thus, recently, the information about the exclusive Dying Light pre-order bonuses has appeared on Steam site. According to the description in this online store, there are two bonuses: an interesting weapon -   a crowbar with lots of upgrades, - and an ability to play in the exclusive multiplayer mode - Be The Zombie. 

This unique Dying Light mode will let you play as the Night Hunter - an absolute zombie predator,  - the main goal of whom is the killing of all survived people. More victims you eliminate, faster your superhuman skills develop, which makes you the worst nightmare in Harran.


But as we mentioned above, the exclusive Dying Light mode is not all bonuses, which you can get, having pre-ordered the game in Steam. Also, you may become the owner of a quite unique and multifunctional weapon - Punk Queen crowbar, which is equipped with lots of really cool upgrades: the acid containers, the razors, the spikes, the batteries, the wires, the lighters and more. Each of this devices serves for causing some special damage - the electricity, the fire, the acid ones and so on.


And what do you think about these bonuses? Are you going to pre-order Dying Light in Steam? Your comments are always welcomed at the bottom of the page.