World of Warcraft movie has got two new actors (Movie)

World of Warcraft movie has got two new actors (Movie) by  6284 views

The shooting of World of Warcraft movie will begin next month, and it means that it's time to finish the selection of the film’s cast, what the creators of the action are likely to do.

Thus, Legendary Picture - the company engaged in the shooting of the film - has announced the names of two actors, who have been officially approved by the project’s producers and have been included in the ranks of movie’s stars. These are not very famous Daniel Wu - the producer, the director, the screenwriter and the actor, who has been in more than 60 different movies, - and Clancy Brown, starred and voiced the characters in more than 150 projects (Sleepy Hollow series, A Nightmare on Elm Street film and The Legend of Korra, The Penguins of Madagascar, The SpongeBob SquarePants cartoons and many other projects). Although their participation in the movie’s shooting is already confirmed, but it still remains unknown the roles of who they will be playing in this future (we hope) masterwork. But it is quite possible that as soon as the active shooting begins, the veil of secrecy over the many moments of the project will be opened and we will learn more about the film and its actors.


And as always we would like to remind you that World of Warcraft film will be released March 11, 2016.