Will the Tom Clancy’s The Division alpha start soon? (Rumor)

Will the Tom Clancy’s The Division alpha start soon? (Rumor) by  3102 views

The information about the forthcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division MMO-shooter appears online very rarely. Lately, Ubisoft studio revealed almost nothing about the development of the future project, although it’s one of the most anticipated games of this year. But the lack of the news doesn’t stop the true players from getting more information. Thus, on the shooter’s site, some gamers have discovered the very interesting details, according to which, Tom Clancy’s The Division alpha may start very soon.

Thus, the users have found the special data in the depths of the HTML code on the game’s official site. Once it’s changed a bit, a section, which is dedicated to the possible Tom Clancy’s The Division alpha, appears on the main page.


Any other information concerning the launch of the Tom Clancy’s The Division alpha or whether it’s going to happen or not at all the discovered code doesn’t contain. But the fact that it exists gives the players, who anticipate the fresh news about future project eagerly, a hope.

By the way, it’s quite possible that during the GDC 2015 event, which will take place soon - on March 2 - 6 - in San Francisco, Ubisoft studio will finally share the latest details about the upcoming shooter and, probably, will even announce the Tom Clancy’s The Division alpha. According to the known information, several representatives of the shooter’s development team are planning to attend the event.

Do you think if the Tom Clancy’s The Division alpha will be held? Do you believe in such rumors?