Will FIFA 14 game come free with Xbox One?

Will FIFA 14 game come free with Xbox One? by  3160 views

If you a gamer and you are interested in Xbox One games, then our today's news will make you happy.

Thus, according to MCV site, which in turn refers to another websites, Microsoft has signed a deal with Electronic Arts, according to which FIFA 14 game, one of the most popular and best-selling project in Europe, will be free of charge with every Xbox One console.

Although these rumors aren’t denied or confirmed by Microsoft’s representatives, which have refused to comment something (which, in turn, gives us the right to expect that this information is authoritative), but we know that last week Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft, said that they are going to make some statement on the international Gamescon expo, which is being held in Cologne, and maybe it will be about this rumour.

Whatever it was, such decision of the company is very good marketing ploy, because it does not reduce the Xbox One price, but it makes its purchasing more attractive because who would refuse to get FIFA 14 game for free? And taking into consideration the fact that the RRP of this stunning and one of the best selling football simulations is $59.99, the price gap between PS4 and Xbox One reduces significant. Which ultimately can have only one meaning - the increase of Microsoft’s next-gen console pre-orders and sales.

In the meantime, we remind you that the console release is scheduled for November (so far there is no exact date). And if you want to know what exclusive Xbox One games you’ll get by buying it, we recommend you to read our review about the games for this console.