When will the Battlefield Hardline beta start? (Rumor)

When will the Battlefield Hardline beta start? (Rumor) by  2739 views

The new shooter in the Battlefield series is supposed to come out on PC, current and last-gen consoles on March 17th and on March 19th, depending on a region. However, the developers don’t hurry to announce the date of the project’s open testing. As you remember, not so long time ago, they stated that the Battlefield Hardline beta will begin sooner than everyone may think. And yesterday, the latest rumor about the possible terms of the anticipated testing leaked online.

A user with a nickname lameguythrowaway has published an interesting message on reddit. The report says that the Battlefield Hardline beta will start on February 3rd. According to this user, the members of the EA’s Ronku program have got the e-mails from the manager William Hyde, in which the date of the future testing was specified. Let us remind you that the Ronku program offers the YouTube users some additional payments for the reviews on EA’s projects. But they must be made according to the required rules.

“I wanted to give you a couple of quick updates. First, there is a week left to submit videos to our SimCity Build It mobile assignment. Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far. Secondly, in case you haven't heard the beta for Battlefield Hardline goes live on February 3rd and there will be both a YouTube & Twitch assignment for this beta launch. More details on these assignments coming next week. I hope you are as excited as I am for the new Battlefield game!” - the e-mail says.

This information hasn’t been officially confirmed by the publisher yet. However, we dare suggest that the revealed date of the Battlefield Hardline beta might be trustworthy, because the shooter’s release is less than two months away. And what is your opinion about it?

UPD.: EA has officially announced the terms of the Battlefield Hardline beta. Get more information here.1422444655.8411.jpg