Week’s game news digest

Week’s game news digest by  4825 views

Today is Friday, and it means that GameSpace team is ready to rejoice you with the selection of the most interesting and intriguing news from the gaming industry. And if you have suddenly missed some important events, don’t be upset, because our week’s game news digest will help you make up leeway. 

Is Call of Duty: World At War 2 game the next project in CoD series? (rumor)

The current week has been rich in the various rumors about the different projects. Thus, firstly, we got to know that Call of Duty: World At War game may be the next project in the popular CoD series, and a bit later the fresh (unconfirmed so far) information about the upcoming GTA V on PC appeared online. And finally, today, the supposed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End release date has been found in one of the retailers’ site. Follow the appropriate links to learn more details.

The Witcher 3 release date has been postponed again

Unfortunately, not all game news of this week are good. The fans of The Witcher game series have been upset because the developers have postponed the release date of the next instalment in this exciting franchise again. If you want to know the project’s new launch date and are interested in the reasons of the delay, then click on the link above.


H1Z1 game will hit Steam Early Access in January

And those who like games in survival horror genre will be interested for sure in the news about H1Z1 release date in Steam Early Access. Follow the link above to get to know when the project will hit Steam Early Access and which content will be available within the limits of this program.

The second Dragon Age: Inquisition update has been released

We coudn’t help but including the information about the second Dragon Age: Inquisition update in our today’s game news digest. Go to the full article to learn in details the changes, which have been brought to this action-RPG by the new game’s patch.

The new The Last of Us Remastered DLCs have been released

This week has also brought a good news for the fans of The Last of Us, or, to be exact, its improved version - Remastered, - because the creators have launched a couple of interesting add-ons for the project. Click on the link above to learn more details about these packs and watch the new video. 

Ubisoft has launched the next Far Cry 4 update on PC

The information about the fresh Far Cry 4 update on PC has also refilled the game news of this week. If you want to know, which problems should be fixed thanks to the new patch, then go to the full article. 

And the last thing, which we’d like to include in our today’s game news digest, is the selection of the most interesting videos of the past 5 days. Thus, this time, we suggest you watching the fresh Street Fighter V and Sunset Overdrive reels, the first Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gameplay and Star Wars: Episode VII parody trailers and new Mad Max: Fury Road video. Enjoy!