Week’s game news digest

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Today is Friday, and it means that we are ready to sum up the first week of February and tell you not only the most interesting game news, but also a lot of exciting information from the motion picture industry. So sit back and start reading our week’s game news digest. You will like it, we are sure.

Transformers: Age of Extinction film has got new teaser (Movie)

The past five days were extremely rich in a variety of news from the motion picture industry. On Monday, we showed you a short teaser of the next part in Transformers film series and three trailers of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 blockbuster. And at the end of the week a lot of new information about another three movies appeared in the network: X-Men: Days of Future Past film got a short promotional video, new actors may appear in Star Wars: Episode 7 and Ant-Man movies. If you want to know more about any of the abovementioned news, then click on the links.


The Titanfall beta details have appeared online

For the second week in a row an interesting information about Titanfall game appears in our game news digest. It's not surprising, taking into consideration the fact that the project will be released very soon and promises to be very exciting. At this time the developers have reported new details of the upcoming beta (lots of them have been pleasant surprises for gamers) and have also revealed the minimum Titanfall system requirements, which can be found in the full article.

Fresh GTA 5 news: sales, DLC, information about game’s PC version

What week’s game news go without some information about GTA franchise? Naturally, no one. The last five days were marked by a bunch of fascinating news about the new instalment in Grand Theft Auto series. Thus, first, the distributor of GTA franchise has revealed the sales revenue of GTA 5, the information about possible project’s PC version, as well as some details of the future DLC. A few days later, the developers pleased us with ten new missions from players which will soon be available for all GTA Online gamers.


New stunning Thief trailer tells the whole story of Garrett and City

In three weeks the next instalment in the stunning Thief series will be launched, and therefore it’s not surprising that the developers have been promoting their project harder. On this week they have presented a quite long, but interesting game’s trailer that has told the true story of the protagonist and the city, as well as about all Garrett’s opportunities in the new Thief game. So click on the link above and watch the new video.

Are The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls under development for PS4?

And the last thing that we would like to include in our today's game news digest concerns the rumors about the possible development of two games - The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls - for the next-gen console from Sony. If you are interested in this information, then read the full article.