New stunning Thief trailer tells the whole story of Garrett and City

New stunning Thief trailer tells the whole story of Garrett and City by  3923 views

Next instalment in Thief series will be released very soon, which means that publishers need to work hard to attract our attention to the project. And they are actively doing it.

Thus, an hour ago new Thief video, which tells us the story of the City, our hero and their relationships, appeared on the official game’s channel. At the beginning of the trailer we learn that the city was almost destroyed with the countless diseases of the citozens and the lawlessness, it is on the edge of chaos. And the only one person who can save it not only has lost his memory and protege, but is considered to be one of the most dangerous criminals in the city. He is wanted everywhere and by everybody, so he needs not to be caught and to find answers to his multiple questions. 

New Thief trailer tells and shows what you can use as a weapon, which your goals are and who your ally is. Learn how to be invisible, don’t stop at nothing and you will get your well-deserved award. You can rob all the houses, offices, warehouses, pick up everything you think is valuable, but do not forget to be careful. Your only ally is the night, and the best weapon is a crossbow. And while progressing your character will discover more new abilities, you will be able to penetrate better protected buildings and learn more secrets, and find the answers to your questions. But that's not all about what new Thief video is telling us. If you want to see and learn more, we recommend you to watch the freshest trailer of this stealth-action.

We remind you that Thief game will be launched for PC, next and current-gen consoles already on the 25th of February in the USA.

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