Week's game news digest

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News from the gaming industry don’t stop coming, and we, in our turn, do not cease to tell you the most interesting and hottest of them. So sit back, because in the next few minutes you will be keen on reading our digest, which includes the most popular game news of this week.

Batman: Arkham Origins DLC - Initiation - is shown in video

In the beginning of this week the anticipated by many gamers Batman: Arkham Origins add-on, which is called "Initiation", has been released. To celebrate this event the project’s developers have published DLC’s launch trailer, which you can watch by clicking the link above.

Two new GTA 5 artworks and The Content Creator details

This week won’t be full without game news about the most popular action-adventure - GTA 5. Thus, the project’s developers have presented fresh game’s artworks, on which two characters are depicted, and one gamer who managed to hack his version of GTA 5, has published a video, in which he has shown what The Content Creator is and how it looks like. More details about it are available in the full article.OPiku2Z.jpg

Has it become known on which platforms Fallout 4 game will be released? (rumors)

The rumors about a possible Fallout 4 game have been spreading all the time. This week the information about the platforms on which the project may be launched, its cost and even the release date have appeared in online Austrian store.

Has The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie got two new villains?

On Tuesday a poster, hinting at three villains against whom the protagonist of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie will have to fight soon, has appeared in the network. One of these villain is familiar to us Electro, and who are the other two? The answer to this question can be found in our full article. Besides it an interesting and very dramatic teaser of the upcoming movie was presented yesterday.


New Need for Speed Rivals trailer describes the game's companion app

Although Need for Speed Rivals game was launched in late November, only now its developers have decided that it’s time to show us and describe the project’s mobile application called OverWatch. So they have published a video, which demonstrates what this app allows you and your friends to do in the game.

New Gran Turismo 6 videos and exclusive car

Gran Turismo 6 game has been released today, and it means that this week has been full of news about it. First, we have shown two videos from the project’s developer and Eurogamer, then an exclusive cars that will appear only in GT6, has been demonstrated, and finally today two project’s launch trailers have been published.

First Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor screenshots have appeared

Recently announced Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor game has got its first bright screenshots this week. The multiple images demonstrate us the project’s protagonist, various creatures from The Lord of the Rings universe and the beautiful locations.


Well, what kind of week's game news digest comes without a review? This time we would like to present you the description of the projects that will be launched in December. Enjoy!