Watch Dogs release is scheduled for late June

Watch Dogs release is scheduled for late June by  2645 views

Watch Dogs game was supposed to be launched at the end of last year, but its developer - Ubisoft company - postponed project’s release to 2014. After the game was delayed, lots of rumors about the game’s launch date, the shut down of its development and other things have started appearing. This year we have already told you several such dates, but it seems that today we are ready to announce Watch Dogs release date.

Thus, according to the information published on the PlayStation Store, Watch Dogs release is to be held on June 30, 2014. Besides the launch date of the project, on the site we can also see the the cost of the future game, which is $59.99. The date seems to be quite plausible, because previously the head of Ubisoft reported that Watch Dogs release, as well as a few more ambitious projects, will take place in the first quarter of the current financial year, i.e. in April-June.

At the moment the developers haven’t commented this information, but we still hope that soon the creators of this very interesting, as we think, action-adventure will let us know when Watch Dogs game will be released. 

And what do you think about this Watch Dogs release date? Is it a fake one? We are always glad to see your answers at the bottom of the page.