Ubisoft is preparing the third major AC Unity update

Ubisoft is preparing the third major AC Unity update by  2676 views

Ubisoft studio continues fixing the numerous bugs of its new project in the Assassin’s Creed game series. Yesterday, in the company’s official blog, the details of the action-adventure’s third patch were revealed. It’s worth saying that the next AC Unity update will be a major one, because it will contain about 300 various improvements and corrections. And we will tell you about the main of them.

So, the third AC Unity update:

  • eliminates the problems with synchronization and accidental crashes both in the single and the cooperative campaigns;
  • improves the multitask process;
  • fixes the bugs with the animations, the cameras, the covers, the haystack and the Arno’s stucking in different objects;
  • changes the performance of the non-playable characters and the crowd (its behavior near the bonfires);
  • liquidates such problems in the multiplayer mode as the host disconnection, the bugs in MyClub, the endless message “Join in progress” as well as improves the engagement between the host and the client;
  • eliminates some problems with the localization, the customization menu, the pop-ups and the notifications, which hinder in looking through the needed information;
  • fixes several inconsistencies in the missions, including the spontaneous endings.

The future AC Unity update also brings the fixes destined only for the game’s PC version. It contains:

  • the minor corrections of the user interface;
  • Alt+Enter now switches windows correctly;
  • the liquidation of the blur image while using SLI;
  • the fixing of the bugs with the graphics in the customization menu, the savings in some missions and the crashes during switching to the controller.

The full notes of the new patch are available on the Ubisoft’s official forum by this link. It rolls out today on PS4. The owners of PC and Xbox One will be able to download it by the end of this week.

The developers have also announced the fourth AC Unity update, the details of which is to be revealed soon.