Ubisoft has launched the next Assassin’s Creed Pirates update

Ubisoft has launched the next Assassin’s Creed Pirates update by  3037 views

Good news for those who like the mobile games, or to be more exact the project, entitled Assassin’s Creed Pirates.

Recently, Ubisoft company - the developer and the publisher of this action-adventure - has released the next (the third) Assassin’s Creed Pirates update. Like the previous ones, the fresh update has brought into the game a new map, exciting challenges for the captains, the main and side missions, as well as lots of treasures, which should be found. Having downloaded the fresh Assassin’s Creed Pirates update through the App Store or the Google Play Store, you will be able to travel to the place, titled La Boca del Diablo. This is an island, where you will have to find the hidden in the different places treasures and diaries, to pass the main mission and a couple of quests.


Besides it, all gamers who would like to test their forces in the game have got such an opportunity thanks to the daily challenges. You, in order to win, will have to collect some books as soon as possible, to complete the Assassination missions or to seek as much Merchant ships as possible. Gold will be your reward in these challenges. We would also like to pay your attention to the fact that these competitions have various levels of difficulty, so your reward will depend on them.


Did you like the content of the fresh Assassin’s Creed Pirates update? Are you satisfied with the abovementioned daily challenges? We are always glad to read your comments at the bottom of the page.