Assassin's Creed Pirates game has got its first update

Assassin's Creed Pirates game has got its first update by  4665 views

Assassin's Creed Pirates game - the project, which tells us the story about the pirates’ adventures and has been developed especially for mobile platforms, - today has got its first update.

After a month from the project’s release date the developers have decided to please the gamers (who have already bought it, of course), having released the game’s update. Thus, it includes: a new map, ten side quests, twelve fresh treasures that you will need to find, as well as the significant raise of the game’s difficulty. The new map, entitled Nassau, according to Ubisoft’s employees, is the most challenging and dangerous of all playgrounds, so you have to work very hard to pass it.

Besides it the new project’s mechanics allows ships to maneuver much faster that is especially important in the heat of battle, and the players to destroy the cannon balls on the fly. It sounds pretty interesting, but what do you think about this update?