Two Mass Effect 3 DLCs were announced

Two Mass Effect 3 DLCs were announced by  4978 views

Bioware announced two final Mass Effect 3 DLCs, one for solo players and one for the multiplayer mode. Multiplayer Mass Effect 3 DLC will be available tomorrow, and solo campaign will be released in March.

Reckoning - multiplayer Mass Effect 3 downloadable content - adds new character classes and weapons to the game. Now you will be able to turn into female turian or powerful robot in multiplayer battle and use 7 new rifles and shotguns. It is also pleasant that every fan will be able to download Mass Effect 3 DLC for free. To see, how it looks and feel, watch official Mass Effect 3 DLC trailer:

Single player add-on will cost $15 and arrive on the 5th of March. It will consist of two parts. In the first one Shepard is going to explore Citadel and investigate the sinister plot. In the second part he will be able to have some rest, go to the casino or combat arena and even design his flat on the Citadel. And of course, here we will meet a lot of other favorite characters: friends or love interests of our hero.


We'd like to remind you that these final Mass Effect 3 DLCs are the last chance to see Shepard in action. Previously the developers announced that in Mass Effect 4 we will get completely new story with new protagonist.