Trade Offers are no longer available in FIFA 15 game

Trade Offers are no longer available in FIFA 15 game by  2626 views

Last week, FIFA 15 demo was launched and a new trailer appeared online. Today we are ready to share other fresh news regarding this football simulator, which, however, are not very pleasant. As it was announced yesterday, Trade Offers won’t be available in Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 15 game.


Trade Offers were a part of Ultimate Team mode and allowed exchanging things between friends. However, some people used this function to move coins and players between accounts. To avoid deceptive practice and to improve the security of gamers, EA has decided to make a tough decision and exclude Trade Offers from FIFA 15 game.

But that is not all changes, which will be embedded into FIFA 15 game. Thus, now you will be able to bid on only 50 players at the same time and no more. Also, Origin login verification will be obligatory soon. EA hopes that this action will help secure your account too.

What do you think about the new changes in FIFA 15 game? Have you already played its demo? We will be happy to see your comments below.