Tomb Raider sequel is under development

Tomb Raider sequel is under development by  8098 views

If previously we only suspected and hoped that the rumors about the next part of the famous Tomb Raider game series are true, now we can be sure in that.

Yesterday, Phil Rodgers, chief of Square Enix in the U.S. and Europe, officially announced that Tomb Raider game will get the sequel and even more than that, this project is already under active development. But for now Tomb Raider 2013 sequel is only planned for next-generation consoles, the release of which will take place at the end of this year. And the most interesting is that the first rumors about Tomb Raider sequel have appeared immediately after the Comic-Con expo, where the comic book series based on this game has been announced. According to Gail Simone, the scenarist of the comic book, this project will become a logical bridge between two parts of this game’s series.

And taking into consideration that Tomb Raider game was released this year, we can assume that its sequel will be released somewhere in 2015.

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