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Square Enix launched a series of game trailers called Tomb Raider "Survival Guide", to tell more about all game’s features and help to the novice. Each of the stories chapter devoted to Lara’ research and adventures.

The first video tells about how to start the journey on the unknown island, how to use the means at hands and enhance the weapons and skills. Each step or task will require to disclose certain features of the protagonist, as well as during the game everyone will find an unusual combination and application of seemed to be, the simplest things.

The second part is devoted to the island and the fact that there may be encountered. For fast moving through the already open areas Lara can use fires that are useful for research and development of the existing inventory and skill tree. And there’s a clue in the video about how to find and enter to the closed locations containing various valuables.

Next gen Tomb Raider release will be in a month, on March 5, 2013.