Thief system requirements are presented

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Are you a fan of Thief game series and look forward to the next instalment of this awesome stealth-action? Then you probably know that the fourth part in this franchise will be released in a month, but you may not know that its developers have already presented the official Thief system requirements. Therefore, if you are going to buy the game on PC, then we strongly advise you to read the minimum and recommended requirements for your computer, so that the project is up and running fine.

So, the minimal PC requirements are the following:

OS: updated Windows Vista.

CPU: high-performance dual (or quad) core CPU.



Video card: Nvidia GTS 250 or AMD Radeon 4800 series.

DirectX: DirectX 10. 

As for the recommended Thief system requirements, then here your PC should have the operating system Windows 7 or 8, the processor - Intel i7 Quad Core or AMD FX 8000 (or better), as well as graphics cards such as the ones from AMD Radeon HD/R9 series or Nvidia GTX 660 series (or better). DirectX version also shouldn’t be less than 11.

Does your computer meet Thief system requirements? Are you going to buy the game? Your comments can be left at the bottom of the page.