Thief news: videos, screenshots, game’s details

Thief news: videos, screenshots, game’s details by  2688 views

Thief release date is not far off, which means it's time for the project’s developers and the publisher to start actively promoting their product that they, in fact, are doing. 

Thus, for the last couple of days Eidos Montreal presented several new videos that are revealing some game’s features and fresh Thief screenshots. First of all we are going to tell you about the gameplay trailers that are taken from the game’s PS4 version and commented by the project’s developers. First Thief video shows us two possible ways of missions’ playthrough in the project (in this case we are talking about the penetration in the architect's house in order to steal some drawings) - aggressive and sneaky. You are free to choose what type of the playthrough would be preferable in each particular case, but we still advise you to watch the difference between them and which one is easier.

The second Thief video tells us what is the difference between this instalment and the previous ones (on the example of a mission in which you need to steal the drawings). Here developers are telling what other ways to move around the city are available for the protagonist, as well as that Garrett is almost helplessness when he meets with a lot of guards.

And finally, the third Thief video shows us which specific settings and options have been developed by Eidos Montreal’s employees, so you can customize your game.

Besides it, the developers have presented fresh Thief screenshots, on which Garrett, the semi-mythical queen of beggars and different dark locations are depicted (all images are available in our FB community).


We would like to recall that Thief release is scheduled for February 28 in Europe for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC. And if you are a true fan of the project and always want to know all Thief news, stay with us.

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