The worst Watch Dogs trailer was revealed yesterday

The worst Watch Dogs trailer was revealed yesterday by  3985 views

Ubisoft wanted to gladden the fans of upcoming Watch Dogs action-adventure and yesterday published new rather interesting game's trailer that features popular comedian actress Aisha Tyler. But the reaction of gamers wasn't actually positive that is absolutely reasonable.


While Watch Dogs game is being under development for PC, Wii, next and current generations of consoles, its new video looks like the dinosaur from the 2000s. This Watch Dogs trailer was definitely captured from the current-gen version of the game, but still it looks much worse than it should be.

Nevertheless, Aisha Tyler, who has appeared in Friends and CSI TV shows, looks good in the video game too. Her character is in danger, and the protagonist of Watch Dogs is trying to protect her. But in Watch Dogs trailer he didn't succeed, and the girl was kidnapped.

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