The Witcher 4 game is coming, The Witcher 3 details were leaked

The Witcher 4 game is coming, The Witcher 3 details were leaked by  5975 views

Yesterday, lots of documents regarding The Witcher 3 were leaked to the network. We won't reveal the numerous spoilers about the upcoming action-RPG, but would like to share several interesting details and tell you about The Witcher 4 game - the next instalment in this popular series.

According to CD Projekt RED, the leaked documents contain lots of information about the characters, monsters and even the plot of the upcoming game. That's why be careful while surfing online in search of the fresh The Witcher 3 details. We don't want to spoil your future impression, and so won't say anything about the game's plot, but again would like to describe how vast and amazing The Witcher 3 is going to be.

So, there will be five areas in The Witcher 3 game, and moreover, one location is already known to fans, because it was presented in the previous instalment of the series. The developers have worked hard to diversify the upcoming project, and here you will be able to meet 95 (!) various models of non-playable characters. Your enemies also won't make you bored. According to the leaked The Witcher 3 details, the developers have already created 64 different monsters. And we are ready to please the music lovers - the adventures of Geralt will be accompanied by 174 various tracks.

Keep in mind that the developers are still working on the game, so there may be many more interesting things in the final release. And here is another one surprise - a concept art of Triss:


Together with The Witcher 3 details, the document contains exciting information about the next instalment in the series - The Witcher 4 game. CD Projekt RED hasn't announced anything yet, but now we are almost sure that The Witcher 3 won't be the last part of this marvelous saga.

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