The Witcher 3 screenshots and details

The Witcher 3 screenshots and details by  8898 views

The Witcher 3 game is an action-RPG with a great open world that is going to be released next year. But if you can't wait so long, we offer you to open the veil of mystery and look, how beautiful the upcoming game will be.

A few days ago the developers showed us several The Witcher 3 screenshots, different game's arts and told more about this project. It became known that The Witcher 3 game will have very long and comprehensive plot, and it will take about 50 hours to finish all main missions. And besides the basic tasks you will be able to spend the same time exploring the open world and passing various side quests.

And we are sure that you will like the exploration, because the game's world looks really stunning. Seeing is believing, so just look at this fantastic The Witcher 3 screenshots and write your opinion in the comments below.







Together with The Witcher 3 screenshots, the developers revealed several concept-arts that show the animals, non-playable characters and location of the game.