The Witcher 3 news: neither exclusive content, nor publisher

The Witcher 3 news: neither exclusive content, nor publisher by  3683 views

We haven’t heard anything new about the next instalment in The Witcher series for a long time, but today we are going to change this situation, having told you lots of fresh and interesting The Witcher 3 news. 

First of all, we are hasten to tell you that no exclusive content for any of the game’s versions will be announced and released. According to Marcin Iwinski - the head of CD Projekt RED, - the company isn’t going to present any exclusive content neither now, nor in the future, because they are treating all gamers, who buy their products, equally. And really, it’s unfair in some ways, when the owners of Xbox One game’s version get an exclusive bonus, and the proprietors of  PS4 one - don’t. And what do you think? 


Besides it, Iwinski has announced that the upcoming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game will be published by the studio’s own forces, as far as many companies, involved in this business, don’t understand the ideas of the developers and make them change the things in the projects that they don’t want to. But the main message of Marcin Iwinski is that you shouldn’t think that the game will be successful for 100% if you engage the publisher, the developer itself can meet this  challenge and release a good and high-quality product. 

And the last thing for today. The developers aren’t going to delay the game anymore and have promised to share more information about the project very soon - during the international E3 expo.

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