The Walking Dead DLC "400 Days" release dates are known! (trailer)

The Walking Dead DLC 400 Days release dates are known! (trailer) by  4369 views

Telltale Games, the developer and the publisher of The Walking Dead game, has announced new DLC release dates for the first part of the future game series telling about the living deads.

Thus, new The Walking Dead DLC, entitled "400 Days" is an additional episode of the game, consisting of five different stories and offering its own point of view on the zombie apocalypse. All five stories are available to play in any order, thus allowing you to see the extent of the world destruction in different days.

So if you are a big fan of The Walking Dead game and look forward to the new addition, we are hastening to please you. Telltale Games company has announced that The Walking Dead DLC will be released in July.

So, DLC "400 Days" will be available tomorrow (July 3) for PC and Mac on Steam and Telltale Games online store. For Xbox Live Arcade - July 5, for Playstation Network - July 10 and the last platform for which this add-on will be released is IOS (July 11, 2013). DLC "400 Days" is also under development for PlayStation Vita, but the release date of the episode for this platform is still unknown.

And while we are waiting for the DLC release, we offer you to watch the small trailer about this additional episode.