The official FIFA 15 box art has been presented

The official FIFA 15 box art has been presented by  18662 views

FIFA 15 game will hit the stores in a bit more than two months, and we haven’t still seen the official cover of the new instalment in this football simulator. The creators have obviously understood this unpleasant mistake, and that’s why they published the official FIFA 15 box art yesterday. 

If you have expected that the cover of the new part in FIFA series will surprise somebody, then we have to disappoint you, because in the fourth time Lionel Messi has appeared on the cover of this franchise. Although this year, the famous Argentine footballer hasn’t rejoice his fans with some outstanding achievements, the representants of EA, remembering that he has won Ballons d'Or award four times, have thought that Lionel deserves to appear once more on the cover of the next instalment in FIFA series. So, we won’t play along anymore and just present you the official FIFA 15 box art.


Besides the main game’s picture, Electronic Arts’ employees have published the project’s covers for Twitter and Facebook and some wallpapers of different sizes for your PC, mobile devices, based on Android, as well as for iPhone 4 and 5. Some of these pictures are available below, and the rest of them you can find here.


FIFA 15 game will be launched on the 23rd of September in NA and two days later in Europe on  the current and next generations of consoles, PC, 3DS and devices, based on iOS and Android platforms.