The next The Witcher 3 patch is detailed

The next The Witcher 3 patch is detailed by  2525 views

CD Projekt RED studio has told about the main fixes and improvements, which will be included into the next The Witcher 3 patch. As you remember, earlier the developers reported that the upcoming update will be quite large.

According to the information published by the company’s community manager - Marcin Momot, - the new The Witcher 3 patch will be released on all platforms at the same time. It’s planned that the players will be able to download it sometime this week. As for the content of the next The Witcher 3 patch, it will include the following:

  • new optional movement response mode for Geralt;
  • improvements in the horse’s behavior;
  • storage stashes for the items, which can be found in the various locations. These places will be marked on the map;
  • improvements in the project’s performance and gameplay, including the optimization of special effects;
  • fix of the issue when the materials and the alchemic components influenced on the total weight of inventory;
  • corrections of bugs in quests;
  • separate place for books in the Inventory. The read ones will be marked grey;
  • ability to mark and pin all components and ingredients for one or another recipe to the Shop panel;
  • multiple sorting options in the Inventory section.

The above listed content, which will be included into the future The Witcher 3 patch, is preliminary so far. The game’s creators may bring some changes and additions to it.

Also, Marcin Momot has said that the players won’t get the traditional free DLC this week, because of the upcoming update’s large scale.