The next Mass Effect 3' DLC details

The next Mass Effect 3' DLC details by  7619 views
More and more often, inquisitive or just lucky users find not only Easter eggs hidden in the games, but also elements of the code or some game’s description before its release. The fact is that this time the victim of an "early announcement" has become the Mass Effect 3.


User with the nickname TSA_383 published info about the upcoming game addition, on the base of multiplayer. A little later, the other players released information about the DLC Reckoning, which uses existing single campaign saves. There were also references to the new weapons for all races, among which is to emphasize "The Punisher" and a rifle "Adas".

"Judgment Day is coming! Reckoning - an extension of multiplayer Mass Effect 3, which will bring to the game six brand-new story missions, aimed at co-op, as well as new game modes and maps. "

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