The new SOMA trailer has been published

The new SOMA trailer has been published by  4434 views

Frictional Games company - the developer of such popular game series as Amnesia and Penumbra - has presented to the fans of the survival horror games the new SOMA trailer.

The SOMA game has been under development since 2010. The gameplay of this survival horror with the sci-fi elements will be quite similar to the one in the previous projects of the Frictional Games. According to the plot, the main character will have to find the ways to survive, escaping from the monsters and the risen machines. However, the action will be set in the totally unexpected location, which is presented in the new SOMA trailer.

The players will dive to the bottom of the ocean. The SOMA trailer shows us the sunken submarine, filled with the water, the sea fauna and flora.

According to the project’s creative director - Thomas Grip, - the decision to choose such location - the underwater world - in the SOMA game was accepted very easy and fast. The Ocean is the unexplored world, populated by the strange creatures, looking like the aliens. Its creepy atmosphere fits for the creation of the real survival horror perfectly.

The SOMA game is to be released in early 2015 on PC, PS4, Mac and Linux.

So, what are your impressions about this fresh SOMA trailer? Are you a fan of such game genre?