The new DayZ update is coming soon

The new DayZ update is coming soon by  2800 views

Recently, in the official project’s blog, the developers have published the news about the upcoming DayZ update, which is planned to be released later this month, and also have revealed some information about its content.

So, let’s start in order. According to the project’s lead artist - Chris Torchia, - the future DayZ update will bring to the game not only the improved graphics, but also the great amount of the additional objects. Thus, for example, the main characters will get the new costumes and other items of the wardrobe.

Also such types of weapon as P1 pistol and Kalashnikov assault rifle, the details of which need to be polished for the current moment, will be improved.

Besides that, several cities will be added to the map. One of the new locations will be Karmanovka with more than 3,000 objects.

Moreover, the upcoming DayZ update will implement to the game a new type of animation, titled Rugdoll. Thanks to it, the players will be available to control the characters with the PC mouse, to make a fire, to burn some objects and to aim while throwing the different items.

The developers have also shared various screenshots, which we are pleased to show you, dear readers:


According to the information, the most part of the content, included to the upcoming DayZ update, will be available for the test on the experimental server this week in order to get the feedback from the gamers.

And what do you think about such novelties in this survival horror? Share your opinion in the comments below.