The Metro Redux Collection has been officially announced

The Metro Redux Collection has been officially announced by  4663 views

As you remember, at the end of March the rumours about the Metro Redux Collection, which is created by 4A games company, appeared in the network. It was said that this compilation will combine two popular projects - Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. But then neither the developer, nor the publisher of the legendary survival-horror games confirmed this information.

And yesterday 4A Games officially announced the Metro Redux Collection, which will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, SteamOS and Mac. Also the studio published the first trailer, several screenshots and the project’s box art. So we offer you to check out this content right now:


According to the Deep Silver’s brand manager - Huw Beynon, - the Metro Redux Collection will be the complete remaster of both games. Thus, for example, the original Metro 2033 will be remade on the engine, on which its sequel was developed. It will improve the shooter’s visual effects and add more dynamics to the gameplay.

Besides that, 4A Games have added to Metro 2033 some elements, which were borrowed from the next part in the series: the customization of weapon, the various combat and stealth mechanics.

The Metro Redux Collection will also please the fans of the experiments with two additional difficulty levels:

- Survival, which includes the limited resources and the most cruel enemies;

- Spartan, which provides a lot of reserves and the useful combatant skills.

The Metro Redux Collection is planned to be released this summer. It will cost $49.99/€39.99/£34.99, depending on the region.

So, are you glad that two legendary survival-horror games will be remastered? Do you plan to buy the collection? Leave your answers in the comments below.