The latest Sunset Overdrive trailer, gameplay video and screenshots were presented

The latest Sunset Overdrive trailer, gameplay video and screenshots were presented by  3214 views

Recently, the forthcoming Xbox One exclusive - Sunset Overdrive - has got a lot of interesting and fresh information. The selection of the new screenshots, the gameplay video and the totally crazy trailer featuring the Insomniac Games team have appeared. But first things first.

The last published Sunset Overdrive screenshots demonstrate the future project’s very colorful and high-quality graphics. On the images, you can see the shooter’s main characters, their enemies - the mutated monsters, - which need to be vanished, and the various weapons used for the combats with the beasts.


The fresh gameplay video, recorded by the journalists from one of the game portals, has also been introduced to players:

But the new Sunset Overdrive trailer deserves the special consideration. The developers have decided not to fall behind the latest marketing trends and have created a live-action video for their shooter also. And of course, if the fresh Sunset Overdrive trailer didn’t differ from the other similar advertising, it wouldn’t call so much attention. It’s worth to be mentioned right away that during the shooting no humans were harmed. Enjoy!

According to Microsoft, this Sunset Overdrive trailer is intended to show that not every project needs such a video. “Creating a live action trailer for a game as crazy and action-packed as Sunset Overdrive may not have been the best idea. Some games are just too big for that”. The developers were trying to bring to life not only the funny but also over-the-top elements of the shooter: the cruel monsters, the unconventional weapons and the satire. “However, Sunset Overdrive proved to be too crazy and insane for anything real-life”.

And which content from the ones presented above did you like the most: the gameplay footage, the new trailer or the fresh Sunset Overdrive screenshots?