Sunset Overdrive shooter has got the final DLC

Sunset Overdrive shooter has got the final DLC by  2240 views

Another Sunset Overdrive DLC titled Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines is already available for purchase at Xbox online store. The new and final add-on to this project was released yesterday - on April 1st. It’s priced at $9.99. Those who have the game’s Season Pass can get it absolutely for free.

The launched Sunset Overdrive DLC rejoices the players with the totally new location and story mission. The gamers will go to the Fizzco Robotics plant in order to save the mentors of the main character - Sam - and stop the production of the killer robots. However, as you’ve already realized, it will be hard. The whole factory is filled with the cruel AI machines. They are willing to vanish everyone on their way. But with help of the additional weapons, new traps and boosters, which are also included into the mentioned Sunset Overdrive DLC, the players will not only destroy the numerous cyborgs but also conquer the new boss.

You can also find the screenshots of the launched Sunset Overdrive DLC in our FB community.

Besides the expansion, the developers have added to the project one more achievement titled Worst Job in the Kingdom. The gamers will have to replay and successfully complete the Floating Garbage mission in less than 15 minutes, having earned 200 scores.