The Infamous: Second Son game has got a new trailer

The Infamous: Second Son game has got a new trailer by  4251 views

Sucker Punch Productions has decided to show the players all the beauty and splendor of the Seattle city in the new Infamous: Second Son trailer. According to the Sucker Punch’s art-director - Horia Dociu, - the developers have made their mission to achieve the highest level of the game’s world detalization.

Dociu has told, they wanted all the users to feel the real urban atmosphere of Seattle, walking down the city streets, watching the raindrops that fall down on the pavement, and the neon signs that reflect in the puddles. The Infamous: Second Son trailer has revealed how the Sucker Punch Productions team took the tough challenge to make the game more realistic by reconstructing the architecture of Seattle, city traffic and people, wearing the real, 3D-scanned clothes. Also such graphics supports 1080p resolution. Now we offer you to watch the process of development by yourself in the new video.

However, besides the Infamous: Second Son trailer, Sucker Punch Productions company has shared some more fresh news. According to the brand-manager of the studio - Ken Schramm, - the Infamous: Second Son game won’t include a multiplayer mode. But, thanks to the open world, the players will have a possibility to enter different quests, which aren’t connected with the main game’s plot.

Let us remind you, the Infamous: Second Son game is to be released exclusively for PS4 on March 21, 2014.