New details about the Infamous: Second Son game have appeared online

New details about the Infamous: Second Son game have appeared online by  4308 views

One of the most anticipated exclusives for PS4 - inFamous: Second Son - is going to be released in a month, and the developers continue to feed the fans’ interest to the game more and more.

Thus, the image of the full inFamous: Second Son box art has been published on the official PlayStation forum.


Among details, which can be seen at the inFamous: Second Son box art, the action’s system requirements are of the special interest. It became known that minimum 24GB of the hard disc will be needed for the game’s installation. And it’s less than expected. Usually the project for PS4 require from 30 to 40GB.

Several screenshots, which were previously published on the Internet and show the main character - Delsin Rowe, - the original game’s slogan - “Enjoy your power” - are also presented at the inFamous: Second Son box art.

Besides, a new non-official inFamous Second Son video has appeared online:

The trailer demonstrates the comparison of the Infamous 2 game’s version for PS3 and a sequel, which will be launched for PS4. The inFamous Second Son video shows the progress of the developers during the work under the project and the improvement of the technical characteristics when passing from the current to the next-gen consoles.

So, are you agree that the second part of the action-adventure will be much more spectacular than the first one? Watch the inFamous Second Son video, published above, and share your opinion in the comments.