Fresh inFAMOUS: Second Son screenshots and other interesting information

Fresh inFAMOUS: Second Son screenshots and other interesting information by  5856 views

In less than one day inFAMOUS: Second Son game hits our stores, which means that already tomorrow we will be able to enjoy this action-adventure, evaluate it and decide whether to advise it to our friends or not. But while we are waiting for the project’s release, we would like to show you fresh inFAMOUS: Second Son screenshots and tell some interesting information about the game.

Thus, today it has become known how many people around the world have already pre-ordered inFAMOUS: Second Son. According to the site InsideRP, the employees of which have their source in Sony Computer Entertainment, the number of pre-ordered game copies has reached a million. If the data provided by this site is accurate, then:

- 417,000 people have made a pre-order of inFAMOUS: Second Son in North America;

- 326,000 citizens of Europe and Australia have bought their copies;

- 100,000 gamers have pre-ordered bundle, in which PS4 and this action-adventure are included;

- and about 190,000 players have purchased a digital version of the project.

If you count all of the above mentioned numbers, then you will get a little more than a million copies. Currently the project’s publisher - Sony - hasn’t commented this information, but soon we will get to know whether it’s true or not.

In addition, Sony Computer Entertainment has decided to please the series’ fans and published fresh inFAMOUS: Second Son screenshots, presented below. Look at them, enjoy and do not forget to write us in the comments what you think about these pictures and the game in general.