The fresh Destiny news have appeared

The fresh Destiny news have appeared by  4605 views

As you may remember, last week Bungie company shared with the users a lot of fresh information about its upcoming project, the release of which is planned for September 9th. The developers told about the locations, the classes of heroes and enemies, and showed many colourful screenshots. Yesterday, Bungie published two new Destiny trailers and also revealed some details of the shooter’s versions for the current and next-gen consoles and PC.

The first Destiny trailer lasts about 7 minutes and presents us the gameplay in one of the co-op missions, titled Strike.

The second Destiny trailer also shows some gameplay episodes in the Strike mission, but this time the video is commented by the Bungie’s representatives, including the community manager - David Dague, - the chief operation officer - Pete Parsons - and the head of community - Eric Osborne.

This Destiny trailer presents the team of the players, which is in the orbit above the Devil’s Lair - the cover of the Fallen. The gamers will have to come down to Earth, fight against plenty of enemies and finally meet the main boss.

According to David Dague, the shooter will be available in the PvP mode for all who want to try it this summer at the E3 2014 event in Los Angeles.

But this is not all the Destiny news, which have intrigued us.

At the recent press-conference the Bungie’s lead designer - Tyson Green - has stated that if the PS3 and Xbox 360 owners buy the next-gen consoles of the same brand, they will have an ability to restore their saves and characters. But Tyson hasn’t exactly specified in which way the players will be able to do that.

As for the version of Destiny for PC, for the current moment the developers try not to touch upon this subject. According to the company’s gameplay designer - Lars Bakken, - Bungie creates the game all by itself, without any external assistance. That’s why the team is totally focused on consoles. However, it doesn’t mean that the version of Destiny for PC isn’t included to the company’s future plans.

So, what do think about the latest Destiny news? Are you impressed by the new videos? Would you like to see the version of Destiny for PC? Share your answers in the comments below.