The first Sleeping Dogs' DLC release today!

The first Sleeping Dogs' DLC release today! by  9899 views
Today all Sleeping Dogs fans are able to go on mad races. Street Racer Pack from the Square Enix company will allow players to arrange rides in motor boats, motorcycles and cars.

DLC will add three new racing missions: Harbor Run, Kamikaze and the Cross Island Enduro and extreme motorcycle’s racer set, which protects against the hail of bullets that are constantly covers the protagonist.

Below you can find the DLC trailer and the gameplay racing video.

And after 2 weeks, on October 30, the first major story addition from the planned DLC’s series will be released. Nightmare in North Point  will add a favorite around the world critters - vampires and zombies.

Wei Shen will have to fight with the gang 18K leader, which is considered one of the most powerful triad groups in the east. Its leader was killed and returned again in the head of the dead army. In order to easier hero’s deal with evil, he has a new ability - when struck his fist the lightning strikes would break out from his hands.
Also Hong Kong’s police officer will deal with real vampires, taken exactly from Chinese mythology. Although they will hardly be able to resist the family, battle-hardened, peach tree sword, which is stored in the Wei’s family for centuries.