Sleeping Dogs game will receive the long-awaited multiplayer

Sleeping Dogs game will receive the long-awaited multiplayer by  5968 views
A group of Sleeping Dogs fans that has tired to wait mercy (multiplayer mode) from the United Front Games, decided to solve the issue by themselves. These talented young people already have made some interesting mods for different games, and let's hope that this time they also will be able to satisfy the users’ expectations.

At the moment they are working on the creation of open world in order to allow players to compete with each other not only in tables and ratings and also design their own micro-scenarios. Modders said that the Sleeping Dogs gameplay is pretty exciting, but it can not compare to the joy and pleasure from playing with real people.

All up-to-date results you can see in the special Sleeping Dogs trailer, created on the basis of first test server. We will follow the progress of this project and try to interview its creators to learn more about the future possibilities of Sleeping Dogs multiplayer.

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