Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars game is under development

Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars game is under development by  4697 views

Yesterday Sleeping Dogs developers - United Front Games - confirmed that this open world action-adventure, that was released last August, will get a sequel, or, to be more exact, another one project in the Sleeping Dogs universe.


Recently the developers have already registered the trademark called Triad Wars, and now we can officially announce that it is a new game about the Hong Kong policeman. There is not much information about Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars game for now, but United Front Games are going to tell us more details in the beginning of the next year. The developers have mentioned that the new project will be something they have wanted to do for ages, so we can be sure that it will be rather unique and specific. Square Enix will be working with United Front Games again, but whether it will be a co-developer or only a publisher remains unknown.

And at the end we would like to remind you that Sleeping Dogs is an action-adventure with RPG elements and the open world that tells about an undercover cop. This game is a rebirth of True Crime series and was positively met by critics. There were sold about 2 millions of the game's copies, and if you are not among the buyers, we advise you to read our Sleeping Dogs review to find out more about this interesting title.