The first SimCity DLC "Heroes and Villains" revealed

The first SimCity DLC Heroes and Villains revealed by  6101 views
Maxis prepared something really special for those who made the SimCity Limited Edition pre-order. On the youtube official channel appeared a video revealing the"Heroes and Villains" DLC, which is in a limited edition.

In order to amuse yourself and make the architecture and city life more interesting you can build the evil geniuses and villains Dr. Vu's Evil Lair, as well as an administrative building of those who will deal with them - Maxis Man's Super Hero HQ. You will be able to create complex situations and disasters or send a giant robot or the UFO to attack the downtown.

In addition the second phase of the closed beta test, which last only 24 hours will be on this weekend. More about SimCity Limited Edition can be found here, and now we offer you to look a fan video inspired by the Marvel comics.