SimCity offline mode was announced, modding rules were published

SimCity offline mode was announced, modding rules were published by  3543 views

Today we have even two good SimCity news - the first one touches the rules concerning the creation of different mods and the second one is just incredible. Finally this always-online city-building simulator will get the long-awaited offline mode!


No more server overload problems. No more issues with the unsaved cities. No more bugs with the Internet connection. Now you will be able to log in the SimCity offline mode and enjoy your solo playing. If you still want to build cities together with other gamers, you can go to the multiplayer mode.

The SimCity offline mode will be available with the Update 10, the release date of which hasn't been announced yet. Now this game's feature is being tested, and it is better if the QA team works on it as long as possible in order not to repeat the past mistakes. Let us remind you that SimCity had numerous problems on its launch in March, 2013.

Together with the SimCity offline mode the developers have announced new modding rules. The company will support players, who are doing the mods for the game, but will forbid them to sell their works. Moreover, the mods will be checked by Maxis, so the company will be able to delete the ones that are not appropriate.

Would you like to play the SimCity offline mode? Are you going to create the mods for this project? Let us know in the comments below.