New SimCity DLC is intended to help the affected people

New SimCity DLC is intended to help the affected people by  3833 views

SimCity game series, as we all know, is a simulator in which the players have to built different constructions in the city, do all your daily activities, which, of course, don’t dispense without various unpleasant events or natural disasters that have the unpleasant consequences. But this time EA, the publisher of the project, in collaboration with the Red Cross decided to go beyond the game’s world and carry out an unprecedented campaign for the video game industry.

We are talking about the content created by SimCity’s developers, that serves not only for providing the aid for Sims in the cities, but also to help those people who have been affected by natural disasters around the world. All proceeds from the sale of downloadable add-on (except, of course, the cost of development) will go to the Red Cross, which will provide assistance to these affected people.

SimCity DLC includes a Red Cross Relief Center, tents and two vehicles. The tents providing the emergency assistance will appear when the city suffers from a natural disaster (earthquake, tornado, tsunami or meteorite fall), and will disappear when the effects of the cataclasms will be eliminated. Each disappearing tent will then release 10 healthy Sims able to continue their lives in SimCity. City after such a tragedy will be patrolled some time by fire trucks, police cars and ambulances.


This Red Cross set is available for $9.99 from yesterday (17.09.2013) and for the whole year. According to EA, not less than 80 % of the players’ payment (the minimum amount is $100,000), whiped up from the sale of SimCity DLC, will be transferred to the humanitarian services of the Red Cross, which will provide all possible assistance to the victims of disasters.