The first Lords of the Fallen DLC is announced

The first Lords of the Fallen DLC is announced by  3685 views

A couple of days ago, we told you about the launched update of the recently released action-RPG - Lords of the Fallen - on PC. The developers have fixed some bugs and improved the game’s performance. And yesterday, CI Games announced the first Lords of the Fallen DLC titled Ancient Labyrinth. For the current moment, it’s known that this expansion will come out in winter, however, the add-on’s exact release date as well as its cost hasn’t been specified yet.

So, which content will be included to the upcoming Lords of the Fallen DLC? Firstly, the future expansion will offer the players a new location - the Library. They will have to solve a lot of mysterious riddles there. By the way, the gamers will get to the Library through a special door, which will appear in the main campaign. And the answers to the puzzles will let them learn more about the life of the project’s main character - Harkyn.

Besides, the first Lords of the Fallen DLC will include a new boss - a powerful lord who owns the magical skills. During the battle, he will constantly change his appearance and use the various combat tactics, so the players will have to work hard in order to destroy this boss.

The next thing in the action-RPG’s first expansion is an additional quest linked with the strong immortal demons. Unfortunately, no more details about this mission have been reported. However, besides the quest, the developers will bring several new tasks and non-playable characters, which will influence on the war between the human and demoniac worlds.

Also, the first Lords of the Fallen DLC will please the gamers with new equipment and weapons.